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SDL Annual Report 2016

Who We Are

20+ Billion Words Translated per Month

1100+ In-house Translators

8500 Freelance Translators

78 of the Top 100 Global Brands

92% Customer Retention

38 Countries Served

45 Patents Machine Translation

200+ Scientific Publications Machine Translation

What We Do

SDL has a unique position in the market due to the breadth and depth its content and language technology and services. 

We provide our customers with a wide range of translation services and consulting, content management technologies for technical and web content, and translation technology to manage translation processes and improve productivity. 

Herein lies our competitive differentiation: we integrate content and language, reach global audiences through local execution, and combine software and machine learning with a team of services professionals around the world.

Our focus is on our customers: understanding where they are and what they need to succeed.

Language Services and Consulting


language services and consultingAs a Language Service Provider, SDL provides the high-quality, consistent translations that global brands need to make their content relevant for their local audiences. SDL's professional translation enriches content with linguistic, cultural and subject-matter expertise.  

With 25 years of translation service and localization expertise, SDL helps its customers plan solid localization strategies to reach long-term global content goals.

Translation Management


translation managementSDL Translation Management technology streamlines translation processes using translation memory, automation and customized workflows.  

It manages communication between the many contributors to the translation process and it provides quality metrics and performance data to help customers improve budgeting and planning.  

SDL Translation Management scales with our customers’ needs as they add languages, create customized machine translation engines, add new translation vendors and integrate with other business systems. 

Translation Productivity


translation productivityThe professional translation community has relied on SDL translation productivity technology for decades. 

SDL translation productivity tools, machine translation and terminology management enable translators to deliver quality translations on time and on budget. 

Machine Translation


machine translationWith more than a decade of research and development in machine translation (MT), SDL leads the industry, translating more than 20 billion words a month.

While others used rules-based engines for machine translation, SDL pioneered the use of statistical engines as early as 2005. SDL now leads the way in Neural MT research. Its unique dataset, built on more than 20 years of experience in the language industry, is by far superior to those found in the public domain.

Web Content Management


web content managementEvery business needs a website. But global businesses need to manage and distribute content on digital experiences that support multiple channels, brands, formats and languages. SDL Tridion Sites combines web content management with digital media management, targeting, testing, personalization and translations.

SDL Tridion Sites enables organizations to manage, reuse and synchronize content, multimedia files, functionality and brand elements across websites easily – component by component.

Technical Content Management


technical content managementSDL Tridion Docs is an enterprise structured content management system for technical documentation and self-service support.

SDL Tridion Docs provides product release tracking, XML authoring, automated publishing and support for content variations. Writers and subject matter experts can work together in an easy-to-use, browser-based content review and editing environment. 

Integration with translation management systems provide single-click translation processes and automated status updates during the translation process.

2016 Financial Highlights


£289.9 million

(2015: £266.9 million)

Gross margin

54.4 %

(2015: 55.9 %)

Adjusted PBTA for Continuing Operations

£27.0 million 

(2015: £24.2 million)

Revenue from Continuing Operations

£264.7 million 

(2015: £240.4 million)

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Global Trends

Migration to the Cloud
Content Proliferation
Quest for Security

Migrating to the Cloud

Today's organizations needs to choose mixture of public and private cloud that will best suit their needs.

SDL's continued investments in the cloud for content and language technologies ensure that any company, anywhere in the world can access SDL content management and translation solutions.

By combining content management environments and translations in the cloud, SDL addresses both the business priorities of organizations that want to achieve faster time-to-market, and of IT who wants to deliver secure, scalable and stable solutions.

Content Proliferation 

More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. By the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every person on the planet. The challenge for enterprises will be how to manage the content. 

SDL technology and services allow organizations to scale and meet their long-term content requirements. Its content management technologies for web content and technical documentation combined with translation technology and services provide cost-effective and future-ready solutions for today's global company.


Today's online customer expects targeted relevant content. 

SDL content management technology helps to deliver richly personalized or targeted content using customer profile information, online behavior and segmentation. Real-time, predictive modeling renders the content to match visitor behavior and profiles for greater impact and personal touch.

Quest for Security

As more companies move their content to the cloud, there is a growing concern around securing content. Companies want to ensure the secure management, storage and use of corporate content.

SDL works closely with many highly-regulated industries and builds its solutions to support security requirements as they evolve. SDL continues to provide security measures in all of its content management and translation solutions to meet its customers' needs.

Strategic Growth Pillars

Request a printed copy of SDL Annual Report 2016

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