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Dynamic Delivery

Customers expect to have relevant information available at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere, in any language, on any device.


Personalized documentation

With the power of DITA and SDL Knowledge Center, you can now offer your customers their own personalized documentation, based on their specified language, interests and preferences, delivered to any device that they use. 

By rendering XML dynamically in the browser, content can be filtered based on all metadata either within the content or from other sources with the delivery framework.

Self-service portal

SDL Knowledge Center delivers content that is indexed for search engine optimization (SEO), making it easy for the customer to find answers to their questions. Delivery via preferred device in contextual videos, graphics and traditional help content makes it easier for customers to find solutions in the way they prefer. Additionally, DITA’s modular approach to content ensures easy integration within larger digital service and customer support delivery frameworks. 


Content analytics dashboard

By rendering XML on demand, rather than publishing in a fixed format, SDL Knowledge Center is able to track content use. This analytic data is presented in an analytics dashboard that helps content creators discover the most useful content, how customers interact with content, and where improvements can be made. Reports are extensible and configurable so you can combine them with other business-critical data points.


Intelligent search

The semantic richness of tags and metadata in DITA XML, combined with SDL Knowledge Center allows content to be dynamically filtered, so when a customer searches for information it can be matched to their profile and preferences and delivered to them on-the-fly. This means the best search results rise to the top for each customer.

Social sharing

SDL Knowledge Center allows you or your customers to share individual topics to their peers and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. The ability to publish stand-alone content to these new channels ensures you are able to reach all of your customers and inform them where they already are online.

Key features of dynamic delivery

  • Out of the box DITA support 
  • Integrated topic-based social media sharing 
  • Drag-and-drop content and publication analytics reporting dashboard
  • On-demand XML filtering and rendering 
  • Support for custom templates 
  • Native iPad rendering

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