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What makes SDL Web unique?

SDL Web combines web content management with digital media management, targeting, testing, personalization and localization for high impact digital experiences. 

Providing a modern architecture and smooth upgrade path, SDL Web 8.5 is the best way to modernize your web environment. It is available as an on-premise, hybrid and cloud solution and serves as the next generation web content management solution to support your omni-channel digital marketing efforts, today and in the future.


"Advancing the globalization of our corporate web properties and all of our digital communications and campaigns became a top priority. Effectively communicating our expansive solution set, reinforcing our brand identity and meeting the needs of an international audience required an extension of our web presence. We had to find a way to support our existing customers and bring in our new customers and engage and educate all of them on the learning experience of the future."

Jon Gold, Blackboard’s Director of Web Strategy and Design

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New features for greater marketing effectiveness

Instant Site

With Instant Site, marketers can create and launch campaign sites, country sites and any other online pages in less than 10 mouse clicks using a wizard.

Adaptive BluePrinting

You can now promote and demote items in a BluePrint hierarchy, giving you new options to reuse content for global reuse. This allows you to take full advantage of content that works by promoting it to be shared by other sites and channels.

Translation review & preview

Translation management capabilities are enhanced with the ability to review translations in-context while a translation is in process. This provides translators with valuable feedback before the job is finished, ensuring no additional iterations are necessary. In addition, you can now add metadata to translation jobs and allow for external reviews of translated content in context.

Personalization preview

Within SDL Web, marketers can personalize content, preview the experience for specific personas and run experiments with different variations of content to see what works best.
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Enhanced IT agility

Extended cloud options

Deployment of SDL Web in the cloud provides flexibility and lower maintenance costs for hardware, databases and application software. SDL Web 8 provides: support for Microsoft SQL Azure and Amazon RDS (SQL Server databases); a Topology Manager for centralized delivery configuration across on-premise and cloud; docker componentization; and, deployment flexibility to mix-and-match on-premise and cloud environments.


The updated authorization model introduces the concept of Privileges which help give system-wide settings management to select users, without giving them full administrative access. This enables, for example, an Application Manager to gain control over activities such as Group Management or Child Publication creation without the need to rely on an IT counterpart.

Faster web application development

SDL Web 8.5 simplifies building and maintaining complex web applications. New features include: a micro-services delivery environment; public artifact repositories (Nuget & Maven) for easier web application deployment; and, a decoupled web application server for faster upgrades and mixed mode upgrades that combine newer versions for SDL Tridion 2011/13 & SDL Web 8.5.

SDL Web 8.5 Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA)

Digital Experience Accelerator provides a quick-start foundation for web projects. This complete SDL Web implementation provides: a fully implemented in-site editorial environment (Experience Manager); mobile support; digital media management; testing, targeting & personalization; standardized content & components for navigation, lists, carousels & more; and search using Apache Solr or Amazon Cloud.