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Experience Optimization

Create impact through relevant on-site engagement using testing, targeting and personalization capabilities to improve your content marketing and conversion rates.


Progressive profiling

Leverage a variety of data points to build a 360-degree view of who a specific individual really is. Move them from anonymous visitors to known customers and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

Automated personalization rules

Create and apply intuitive targeting rules for regions, pages or even your entire website and its localized variations to automatically deliver relevant content based on customer profile, browsing patterns, search behavior, device, geo-location or any other contextually relevant data point.

Predictive offerings

Automatically recalculate and display the most relevant promotion in real-time using data from each click a visitor makes.


Use experiments to test multiple content variants for a specific customer context during a certain time frame and publish the best performing assets based on built-in analytics data.

Key features of targeting and personalization

  • Progressive profiling 
  • Built-in contextual experiments to identify top performing assets 
  • Real-time targeting 
  • Intelligent, personalized navigation

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