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Back to Basics with DITA

DITA as a Foundation for Building a Great Content Experience

With all the talk of customer experience and how technical documentation plays a critical role in supporting your customers, we thought it was a good time to go back to basics and shine a light on the technologies that make this critical content come to life.

DITA is the foundation of effective and streamlined creation, management and delivery of support content (e.g. documentation, training materials, knowledgebase articles). The business benefits are well-established:

  • proven faster time-to-market
  • increased content reuse
  • improved content accuracy & consistency
  • streamlined multi-channel publishing

Get Started with 6 Building Blocks: Podcast Series

This podcast series offers 6 short (under 10 minutes) discussions on the fundamentals of getting started with DITA:

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 1 – Motivation Matters

The first in our 6 part series of "6 Building Blocks for Success with DITA”, this podcast will focus on the topic Motivation Matters. We are seeing the adoption of DITA continue to rise around the world as organizations are looking to streamline their processes around creating and publishing technical product content – but it all starts with Motivation.

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 2 – Topic-Based vs. Book-Based

Following on Part 1, the topic of this week's installment centers on the one of the major shifts involved in an implementation of DITA that many organizations and their authors find difficult – moving from book-based authoring to the topic-based authoring methodology in DITA.

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 3 – Compliance and Process

The 3rd part in our 6 part series, this podcast focuses on the process part of a DITA implementation. What are your process decisions about when to check content in and out of your CMS? How do you deal with distributed teams to get a common process for developing and publishing DITA content?

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 4 – Get a Plan in Place

With only two more to go, this 4th podcast in the series focuses on planning for a DITA implementation and the change that will occur in your organization. There needs to be a focus on how you will write and model content with the new methodologies that DITA brings – and advice on how you can get early wins for projects that show the value of DITA to your business.

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 5 – The Undiscovered Potential of DITA

This 5th podcast, second to last in our series, focuses on discovering the undiscovered potential of DITA. It’s not all about reuse and localization savings, although DITA is perfect for that. You can also take advantage of the richness of DITA to improve customer experience through publishing personalised content to any device or platform.

DITA Podcast: 6 Building Blocks, Part 6 – The Tipping Point for Component Content Management

The series concludes with our sixth and final installment, focusing on the tipping point for Component Content Management technology. We'll explain the importance in understanding the differences between traditional CMS and document management systems versus a Component Content Management designed for DITA and cover the criteria that you must consider when selecting such a technology.

DITA eBook: An Introductory Guide to Achieving Success with DITA

The perfect accompaniment to our DITA Podcast Series, this eBook brings together guidance around what DITA means for your organization.