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Cupid Media Cupid Media
Cupid Media Finds Perfect Partner in SDL
Cupid Media
Since its launch in 2000, online dating specialist Cupid Media has helped more than 30 million people look for love. Today, it offers online dating services in 22 separate languages, across well over 100 countries worldwide.
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Government of Greenland Government of Greenland
SDL TMS helps the Greenlandic Government to cross the language divide
Public Sector
Government of Greenland
Using SDL TMS, The Government of Greenland has increased individual translator productivity by almost 50%.
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Philips Philips
Adopting a Test Center Approach to Launch High-Tech Medical Equipment
Health Care
Working through the SDL testing center in Colorado, Philips was able to translate its new device into 21 languages in record time and ensure while still meeting the highest levels of quality.
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Sharjah Media Centre Launches a New Government News Site in Less than Three Months
Media and Publishing
Working with SDL and partner Indivirtual, Sharjah Media Centre launched, powered by SDL Web, in less than 3 months. The site has become a leading news site to the region and has enabled Sharjah Media Centre to reach new demographics and create a dialogue between the government, media and people of Sharjah.
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Roompot Parks Roompot Parks
Roompot Parks Caters to Guests’ Tastes with Smart Search Technology
Travel and Leisure
Roompot Parks
When Roompot Parks wanted to enhance onsite search to better serve its visitors, SDL technology was the natural choice. With SDL’s eCommerce Optimization solution, this leading European holiday parks and campsites operator satisfies its tourists by showcasing just the right holidays to suit traveler preferences at the click of a button.
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Meyn Food Meyn Food
Meyn Fast Tracks its User Documentation Process
Industrial Goods
Meyn Food
Meyn, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the poultry industry, was facing a major challenge to its documentation process. The system of updating user manuals for its entire portfolio was outdated, resulting in internal inefficiencies and inaccurate content. With new EU legislations setting a high standard for product documentation, Meyn called on SDL to help streamline its entire documentation lifecycle, bringing it into the 21st century.
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Imes Dexis Imes Dexis
Faster, Simpler Search and Navigation of a Million Products
Industrial Goods
Imes Dexis
After years of operating on a slow Oracle-hosted platform, the company was now empowered to leverage the rich data it had been collecting, make its product search 16 times faster and drive an increase in online orders.
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Jeanswest Jeanswest
Jeanswest Chooses SDL to Power Relevant Shopping Experiences and Boost Sales
When you count 10% of your country’s population as reward program members and your online business is realizing triple-digit growth, you know you’re doing something right.
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Hach Hach
Hach Moves Into Global Markets Faster While Reducing Effort and Costs
Hach combines the power of SDL Language and SDL Knowledge Center to slash production costs and reach global markets faster.
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Horiba Horiba
Scaling Documentation Processes in the Life Sciences Industry
Life Sciences
HORIBA Medical streamlines its documentation processes and reduces translation spend by 50% using SDL Knowledge Center.
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Jordan Publishing Jordan Publishing
UK’s Leading Independent Law Publisher Sets Trend in Dynamic Publishing
Media and Publishing
Jordan Publishing
Jordan Publishing Limited selects SDL to transform its online experience through a dynamic subscription publishing system.
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Waters Waters
Helping Waters Corporation Streamline Publication Processes and Boost Content Reuse
Life Sciences
When thousands of scientists around the world rely on your products and services and you operate within a highly-regulated industry, it’s essential that your technical documentation is accurate, reliable and compliant. But delivering high-quality, timely publications can be challenging. That’s why Waters Corporation looked to SDL Knowledge Center to align its processes, drive content reuse and promote standardization of its documentation to deliver a better customer experience
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ACES Direct ACES Direct
ACES Direct Puts Power in the Hands of Marketers
ACES Direct
When ACES Direct’s eCommerce platform was discontinued, the Netherlands-based IT provider saw an opportunity to improve the whole shopping experience – not only for its customers, but also for its sales and marketing team. ACES Direct turned to SDL to power its search and navigation, guiding customers to the right products fast.
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Informatica Informatica
Informatica Improves Time to Global Markets with SDL Knowledge Center
Pioneer in data integration technology reaches global markets faster and increases ROI in seven months with SDL.
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Communicating Globally in 35 Languages at the Touch of a Button
Automotive and Transportation
MAN Truck & Bus relies on SDL to implement all languages.
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Delivering highly personalized communications to thousands of customers
Banking, Insurance
When you print 700,000 bank statements a day it is hardly surprising if, as a bank, you mainly think in terms of bulk output. However, many other types of documents – from letters and policies to contracts and advertising brochures – are produced within ABN AMRO. About 5,000 different document types are sent to customers every day, originating from 12 business units.
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Abu Dhabi Airports Company Abu Dhabi Airports Company
Creating Brand Consistency Across Multiple Channels
Travel and Leisure
Abu Dhabi Airports Company
Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is an award-winning airport operator that prioritizes creating a personalized online experience for its passengers, whether on the web, on their mobile site, via SMS, email or digital kiosks.
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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Empowering Business Users To Control Content
Agfa HealthCare Agfa HealthCare
Agfa HealthCare Reaches Market 60% Faster with SDL
Health Care
Agfa HealthCare
By implementing SDL MultiTerm to manage corporate terminology and SDL Passolo for visual software localization, Agfa has increased localized content quality from 75% to 95%, while simultaneously helping to bring new healthcare solutions to market 60% more quickly. It’s all part of the company’s Global Information Management (GIM) strategy to accelerate time-to-market with higher consistency of global content.
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Allianz Global Assistance Allianz Global Assistance
Ensuring a Well-Managed International Web Infrastructure
Allianz Global Assistance
With SDL Tridion, Allianz Global Assistance is able to provide global content to all of its subsidiaries.
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Aruba Tourism Authority Aruba Tourism Authority
Attracting Visitors to the Island and Boosting Spend
Travel and Leisure
Aruba Tourism Authority
Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) is the marketing organization tasked with positioning the Aruba brand as a premier tourism destination in the Caribbean Sea.
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A New Integrated Customer Experience
With its leading position in the Spanish market and over seven million customers in more than 30 countries, banking firm BBVA continues to focus on creating customer value through both its online and offline channels.
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Bosch Bosch
The Bosch Terminology Portal Makes Corporate Language Possible in 23 Languages
Automotive and Transportation, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Electronics and High-Tech
How important is access to centrally-managed corporate terminology in a company which is active on the world stage? Very important! This is proven by impressive user statistical figures for the terminology portal which has been available to Bosch employees since September 2002.
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Bosch Security Systems Bosch Security Systems
Localizing Software For An International Target Audience
Electronics and High-Tech
Bosch Security Systems
BOSCH Security Systems reduces the cost of software localization by 99.5 Percent with SDL.
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Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines
Increasing Online Bookings With SDL Tridion
Travel and Leisure
Brussels Airlines
Since the launch of its website in August 2004, the number of online bookings on the Brussels Airlines website has increased to 20,000 per month. This contributed to over €1 million worth of bookings in 2004.
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Career OneStop Career OneStop
Simplifying a Content Publishing System
Consultancy, Consumer Services
Career OneStop
Using SDL’s web content management (WCM) solution, CareerOneStop employees are now able to edit pages directly. Users can roll over different pieces of content and quickly edit the page with a familiar WYSIWYG toolbar.
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Casio Casio
100% increase in online visitors following multilingual website localization
Manufacturing, Electronics and High-Tech
Working collaboratively with SDL’s translation, localization and consulting teams is enabling Casio to launch multilingual websites in record time.
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Chrysler Chrysler
Driving Down the Costs of Multilingual Content
Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation
A key concern for Chrysler LLC was to improve its process of providing accurate documentation to its global markets. After a promising pilot scheme, SDL intelligent Machine Translation (SDL iMT) was implemented with results that far exceeded their expectations.
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Cisco Cisco
Maximizing the Value of Cisco’s Global Contact Universe
Electronics and High-Tech
Using insight derived through SDL Analytics, Cisco is highlighting which companies are worth investing most heavily in to acquire new contacts.
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Cisco Localization Cisco Localization
Cut Spiraling Costs and Improve Quality
Electronics and High-Tech
Cisco Localization
Cisco Systems: successful improvement of localization business processes for products, technical documentation and web content. 30% cost reduction, accelerated processes and significantly increased productivity.
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City of Boston City of Boston
Communicating to the City of Boston
Local Government
City of Boston
SDL Tridion provides the City of Boston with a tool to communicate accurate, consistent and timely information.
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CNH Reduces Translation Costs by 40 Percent in Three Years with SDL
Industrial Goods
The Global Information Management (GIM) strategy at CNH is anything but agricultural. By standardizing on an integrated GIM solution, the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer has transformed its approach to local language support – and the service it provides to 11,000 dealers in 160 countries.
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Compassion International Compassion International
Managing Websites Effectively to Find New Sponsors and Nurture Relationships
Non-Profit Organization
Compassion International
Since the new site launch, Compassion International websites have experienced up to a 350% increase in traffic and the conversion rates for the overall site have also increased considerably.
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Dave and Busters Dave and Busters
Rewarding Customers by Bringing Together Gaming and Dining Loyalty Points
Dave and Busters
One of the greatest challenges Dave & Buster’s was up against was that they had two separate systems that kept track of the customer’s gaming rewards and food and beverage purchases.
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De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar
Keeping Up with Ever-Increasing Market Demands
De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar
De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar achieved service excellence through efficient output management using a combination of SDL Tridion and the TriDoc solution.
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Central Control: Empowered Local Markets
Software, Chemicals, Oil and Gas
DNV GL set its sights high. They wanted a content management platform that could offer the correct balance between centralized and decentralized delivery. So they selected the SDL Tridion web content manager, primarily for its technology.
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Emirates Emirates
Global branding and communication delivered by SDL
Travel and Leisure
Due to the airline’s international presence, Emirates has started rolling out SDL’s content management solution to manage the content for its global internet presence.
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Envirofone Envirofone
Getting Personal: Targeting the Right Customers with the Right Message
Telecom and Utilities
By introducing SDL Customer Analytics, Envirofone was able to create custom segments within its database to identify valuable customers based on value, recency and frequency.
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Good Year Good Year
Managing Website Growth
Automotive and Transportation, Industrial Goods
Good Year
SDL Tridion helps Goodyear manage multiple websites, languages and brands within one centralized platform.
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GTA Travel GTA Travel
How GTA Grew Its Global Travel Content While Cutting Costs
Travel and Leisure
GTA Travel
GTA selected SDL WorldServer to manage its translation workflows and SDL BeGlobal to automate translation activities through the intuitive machine translation engine.
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Harris Harris
Delivering on More Efficient Processes
IT Services, Consumer Services, Software
Harris Corporation has had immediate benefits from SDL Tridion’s multilingual management capabilities. Efficiency increased dramatically and content editors see immediate benefits to being able to publish content themselves.
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Interpolis Interpolis
Communicating in a Personal and Relevant Way
Crystal-clear online communication delivered by SDL Tridion supports the Interpolis core values and mission to communicate with its customers in a personal and relevant way.
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Kaeser Kompressoren Kaeser Kompressoren
Engage With and Address the Needs of a Diverse Range of Customers
Industrial Goods
Kaeser Kompressoren
Kaeser chose to employ SDL Tridion due to its unique BluePrinting technology. This technical innovation allows Kaeser to roll out a central website to more than 40 countries using a single platform, a centralized server and a centralized team.
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Significantly Increase Bookings While Lowering Distribution Costs
Travel and Leisure
SDL Tridion adds value to KLM’s online business through higher online sales, simplified multi-language, multi-site rollout and lower cost per channel.
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Kyocera Kyocera
Kyocera Mita Reaches Its Markets 50% Faster Using a Central Term Base
Electronics and High-Tech, Telecom and Utilities
With SDL MultiTerm managing its terms, Kyocera Mita has experienced significant benefits to both processes and costs.
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Lexus Lexus
Promoting a Consistent, Pan-European Luxury Brand
Automotive and Transportation
Luxury car maker Lexus, part of the global Toyota brand, built a marquee synonymous with high performance and superior quality. Lexus chose SDL Tridion to create an online presence that reflected these attributes across the board.
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Majestic Wine Majestic Wine
Majestic Wine Tastes Success in Customer Engagement
Majestic Wine
Implementing SDL Campaigns has enabled Majestic to leverage actionable insight to quickly and accurately build targeted and relevant content for email campaigns, improving customer engagement and relevancy for digital marketing activities.
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Mandarin Oriental Mandarin Oriental
Delivering an Effortless Mobile Browsing Experience
Travel and Leisure
Mandarin Oriental
To respond to the changes in travelers’ shopping behavior, Mandarin Oriental extended their use of SDL Tridion to deliver a user-friendly, interactive mobile website.
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Ministry of Justice Ministry of Justice
Streamlining Web Content
Ministry of Justice
SDL Tridion makes it possible for the Dutch Ministry of Justice to react quickly and accurately to changes in the law or major news events across a variety of sites.
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Life Technologies Life Technologies
Life Technologies Delivers Accurate Customer Content
Life Technologies
Life Technologies opts for SDL Knowledge Center to reduce its content costs, improve content reuse and boost quality.
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NTT Docomo NTT Docomo
Working to a Tight Development Schedule, NTT DOCOMO Releases English-Language Versions of its Software
Telecom and Utilities
NTT Docomo
The smartphone market continues to grow rapidly on a global scale. Having increased its unit sales through early bird launching of smartphones on the Japanese market, NTT DOCOMO aims to deliver outstanding value in its applications and content services, as well as its products.
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OP Bank Pohjola OP Bank Pohjola
Efficient Target Group Marketing and Personalization
OP Bank Pohjola
OP Bank Group selected SDL Tridion because it separates content from layout and for its BluePrinting technology.
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Princess Cruises Princess Cruises
Reaching More Customers in Targeted Ways to Meet Passenger Quotas
Travel and Leisure
Princess Cruises
Within 48 hours of implementing SDL Campaigns, Princess Cruises could communicate with more people in a targeted way, while reducing costs and improving speed and efficiency.
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Rabobank Rabobank
Complete Content Control
Banking, Insurance
After a thorough evaluation, Rabobank found that SDL Tridion proved to be the most reliable, open and scalable solution. SDL Tridion enables Rabobank editors to quickly add, change and remove content on the website without the assistance of the site’s technical staff.
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Rebel Rebel
Aligning Strategies to Win Back Audiences
Rebel partnered with SDL who have an outstanding reputation for global technology and services that optimize the customer experience.
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Repsol Repsol
Building a Secure, Multilingual, Multimedia Web Portal
Chemicals, Oil and Gas
Thanks to SDL BluePrinting technology, Repsol now enjoys a secure multi-country, multilingual, multimedia web portal with a new graphic design, greater accessibility – faster than ever before. Content editors can quickly create and upload new content.
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Ricoh Ricoh
Consistency and Control
Electronics and High-Tech, Telecom and Utilities
“SDL Tridion BluePrinting was our biggest and most important strategic decision. I believe we are now only confined by our own imagination of what we can do online”.
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Royal Mint Royal Mint
A Warm Welcome from The Royal Mint
Royal Mint
The Royal Mint has transformed its traditional marketing communications through the design and implementation of a multichannel, personalised ‘Welcome Journey’. This consists of automated and trigger-based emails, direct mail, landing pages, and telephone calls, which acknowledge the relationship status, purchase history, customer value, and communications preference of every single customer.
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RS Components RS Components
Improved Consistency for Global Branding
Electronics and High-Tech
RS Components
RS Components had a new business strategy that required large product ranges to be available in the local language, initially in France, Germany and Italy, but ultimately across the globe.
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Reaching New Heights with a Consistent Web Platform
Non-Profit Organization
The RSPB use SDL Tridion’s unique BluePrint technology to ensure consistency of content, messaging and branding across all areas of its website and all its branded material.
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Sapient Nitro Sapient Nitro
Engaging Travelers on the Go
Travel and Leisure
Sapient Nitro
As the heart of the SapientNitro solution, SDL Tridion manages content for both web and mobile applications from a single content source.
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Semiconductor Firm Semiconductor Firm
Large Semiconductor Firm Solves its Translation Challenges with SDL
Electronics and High-Tech
Semiconductor Firm
The company wanted to be perceived as a global brand, rather than an American company trying to extend its business into foreign markets.
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Sodexo Sodexo
Projecting a Consistent Brand Image Worldwide
Business Services
Sodexo decided to implement SDL Tridion to manage all of its corporate websites. The solution was implemented on a few country websites, beginning with the UK, France, Belgium and Morocco, and is now being rolled out to other sites around the world.
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Specialty Fashion Group Specialty Fashion Group
Increase Engagement and Drive Customer Loyalty
Specialty Fashion Group
SFG operates 7 Brands, 900 stores, 8 transactional websites and one omni-channel platform – powered by SDL Campaign and Analytics solutions.
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Studio GroupShare Studio GroupShare
SDL Studio GroupShare Powers Collaboration at SDL
Translation, Business Services
Studio GroupShare
SDL Language Solutions is one of the world’s largest Language Service Providers, known for its high quality translation services, proven operational expertise and world-class technology.
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Starwood Starwood
Elevating a Sub-Brand
Travel and Leisure
Sheraton is a sub-brand under the Starwood Hotels and Resorts umbrella. Both brands are well known, however neither is clearly associated with the other in the minds of consumers. How could Sheraton utilize Starwood’s positive brand standing in the minds of consumers in order to boost its brand equity and increase repeat visitors?
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Telenor Telenor
Driving Revenue Through High-Quality Service
Telecom and Utilities
SDL SmartTarget taps into Telenor’s customer profiles and audience segmentation database to dynamically present individuals with the most relevant promotions. This means that marketers can quickly and directly determine what offers to present specific visitors at the right time.
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Tessenderlo Tessenderlo
Global Brand: Local Content
Health Care, Biotechnology
The new Tessenderlo Group website is built on the SDL Tridion content management system, which makes it possible to maintain a healthy balance between the need for centralized and decentralized content delivery.
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TomTom TomTom
Improve Process Transparency and Efficiency
Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation, Consumer Services
Each day TomTom ensures that 45 million customers reach their destinations, with 800 sextillion routes available in 35 languages, thanks to its partnership with SDL.
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Tourism Flanders Tourism Flanders
Inspire, Inform, Facilitate and Increase Loyalty
Travel and Leisure
Tourism Flanders
Using SDL Tridion, Tourism Flanders now provides local markets with website design, branding and navigation, making it easier to provide consistent navigation and identity for their regional markets.
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Unilever Unilever
Taking a Global Brand to a Worldwide Audience
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Using SDL Tridion BluePrint technology, Unilever’s web team ensured that regardless of the page content, the same brand is represented – despite the fact that the website consists of more than one hundred pages of content over multiple layers.
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Virgin Money Virgin Money
Virgin Money: Stepping Up to the Opportunities of Web Personalization
Virgin Money
The Virgin Money team was aware that they needed a platform which was scalable to their future plans. Just as Web 2.0 has changed the face of website development and management, Virgin knew they needed to prepare for the next phase in web content management.
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Yamaha Yamaha
A Flash of Inspiration Delivers Compelling and Relevant Content
Automotive and Transportation
Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) excels at giving visitors an interactive online experience, which is easy to use and rich in visual appeal. YME is responsible for 44 websites across Europe, including – the global website for all Yamaha racing news.
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Totesport Totesport
SDL puts totesport ahead of the game
Understanding their customers’ behavior and reacting on this knowledge is seen as a key element of success. The solution allows for daily updates on over tens of millions of transactions and has created a platform for intelligent marketing.
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Kramp Kramp
From Printed Product Catalogs to a Global Online Store
Wholesale, Automotive and Transportation
Kramp partners with SDL to meet global customers’ online needs, reduce translation cost by over a half and drive overall sales.
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Alfa Laval Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval Separates Complexity from the Localization Process
Alfa Laval
By choosing SDL TMS to boost translation efficiency and content reuse, Alfa Laval is able to produce twice as many translations at half the cost and in half the time.
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Blackboard Blackboard
Inspiring the World to Learn
After implementing SDL Web, Blackboard quickly increased conversion by 14% in the first year, and now delivers a consistent, scalable global web experience to all visitors.
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Telegraph Media Group Telegraph Media Group
Telegraph Media Group Increases Marketing Campaign Engagement with a Single Customer View and Customer Analytics
Media and Publishing
Telegraph Media Group
As a renowned multimedia news publisher of agenda setting content, UK-based Telegraph Media Group (TMG) is connected with millions of consumers worldwide. To reach the rich insights needed to engage subscribers in the most effective way, TMG selected the powerful analytics capabilities and single customer view within SDL Campaigns. The result? 50% faster data processing, high email open rates averaging 26%, and an overall 6% boost in response rates.
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Nielsen Nielsen
Nielsen adopts a 360-degree approach to customer experience in over 100 countries
In the past five years alone, Nielsen calculates it has saved over $2 million through its successful partnership with SDL.
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How KONE Migrated Its 50 Websites and Raised Conversion by 20%
Industrial Goods
When KONE decided to migrate its websites to a more stable and dynamic platform, it had to address region-specific content, mobile display and faster performance on site. The manual process of localizing and managing web content was also slowing them down. But in little over a year, the migration was complete and KONE was seeing a 20% lift in conversion rates. How did this global brand streamline its processes, meet local needs and transform the online customer experience?
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Fashion Days Fashion Days
Fashion Days: From Flash Sales to Retail with Smart Digital Strategy Enabled by SDL
Fashion Days
Working closely with SDL using its eCommerce Optimization and Language solutions, Fashion Days has driven 40% higher online conversion rates and significantly increased its operating efficiency.
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SKF Presents One Face to the Customer with Digital Ecosystem Powered by SDL
Leading manufacturer SKF was looking to establish a single, global online presence as well as deliver relevant local experiences across 60 regional sites. Using SDL language and web solutions as the lynchpin in its digital ecosystem, SKF engineered a better online experience that translated into 15% more site visits and customer inquiries every year.
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